Estudio Marcas is a creator of business opportunities for its clients and for the brands with which it works

EstudioMarcas not just a wholesaler that sells branded products at discounted prices: a creator of business opportunities for its customers and makes you work.

EstudioMarcas was created as a new concept to help both Private Sales Clubs and providers to manage and sales of their products faster and more competent than the traditional method. Through our web platform, we offer a wide range of brands and products that previously we developed the layout, photography, technical information... for Private Clubs Sales promotions can close in a few hours, without relying on their human resources.

EstudioMarcas is a company based in Cornellà, Spain, and 30 years working in the field of lingerie, fashion, children's and accessories.

EstudioMarcas not only provides commercial services to domestic customers (Spain). There are numerous top sales Sales Private Clubs especially in the markets of France, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Holland, Germany, China, Australia, Brazil ... All these international sales operations are managed by EstudioMarcas logistically.

90% of the products offered on our site are in our stores, the rest are in the warehouses of the companies with which we have distribution contracts. We perform quality control and distribution of all the products we offer.

To provide the best possible services, logistics EstudioMarcas performs its own fleet (area of Catalonia) and FEDEX for domestic and foreign shipments. EstudioMarcas has two warehouses of 1500 m2 which means greater efficiency in shipping and minimizing costs.

All this means that deliveries of the products more quickly and efficiently. All the products we offer to our clients are real as we only have direct relationships with brands and / or licensees.

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